In order to enhance our safety culture, UBC is redesigning our University Health & Safety Committee (UHSC). Risk Management Services (RMS) will help the Vancouver campus move from a single UHSC—which covers the entire campus and its diverse employee groups—to multiple Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committees (JOHSCs) based on like work, research, and organizational structure. Each JOHSC will report their safety recommendations up through revised structures under one of our VPs. WorkSafeBC has asked for this variation and issued orders to allow this transition.

JOHSC Transition

The phased roll-out started April 2017 in:

  • Building Operations
  • Energy & Water Services
  • Student Housing and Hospitality Services
  • University Community Services

These are departments whose work puts them at higher risk for safety issues.

For example, under the new structure Building Operations will now have four JOHSCs, one for each of their main areas of business. These committees will gather and respond to safety recommendations from staff to make strategic safety recommendations within Building Operations as well as report their findings within Building Operations and then up into the VP Finance & Operations portfolio.

In some areas, where the work demands a different structure, the Local Health & Safety Committees (LHSCs) will stay in place under newly-formed JOHSCs. The LHSCs will be renamed to Local Occupational Health and Safety Committees for consistency (LOHSC).

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