Read about updates and ideas for enhancing our safety culture at UBC.

UBC Dentistry students to receive WorkSafeBC coverage

Team members from SRS recently helped to confirm the application of WorkSafeBC coverage for students providing patient care as part of their studies.

New JOHSC & LST Communication Template Available

The Safety Committee Communication Template give committees a brief, customizable report outline that can be populated and sent between the LST and JOHSC. The template can be found on the JOHSC and LST Resource pages on the Safety Committees website. It allows the LST to give an overview of safety issues to the JOHSC, and […]

Working safely on campus and at home

Avoid infection and stay safe at work by following Safety & Risk Services guidance on safe working at

The VPFO is working with the rest of UBC in its response to COVID-19

In this uncertain time the VPFO continues to provide some of UBC’s crucial services while protecting those that operate them.

Avoid slips, trips, and falls this winter with some simple tips

Take care when moving around campus this winter and stay safe with our handy tips.