Read about updates and ideas for enhancing our safety culture at UBC.

The VPFO is working with the rest of UBC in its response to COVID-19

In this uncertain time the VPFO continues to provide some of UBC’s crucial services while protecting those that operate them.

Avoid slips, trips, and falls this winter with some simple tips

Take care when moving around campus this winter and stay safe with our handy tips.

SRS pilots making Supervisors’ Health and Safety training required within the VPFO

By December 31, all supervisors at UBCV must have completed the Safety Supervision at UBC course. If you're a supervisor, please take the course and become familiar with the information.

UBC Expands Occupational First Aid Program on Vancouver Campus

All faculty, staff and student-staff on UBC’s Vancouver campus can now enlist the help of the UBC Occupational First Aid Team, 24 hours a day. Call 604-822-4444 for assistance.

Rae Ann Aldridge appointed as Executive Director, Safety & Risk Services

In her new role, Rae Ann will be charged with working across campus to enhance UBC’s safety and security. She will be responsible for leading Safety & Risk Services, a new department which is the result of a merger between Risk Management Services and Campus Security.