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FAQ: COVID-19 Self-Assessment Requirements

A UBC Broadcast was issued November 26, 2020, updating the UBC community on self-assessment requirements. UBC is committed to keeping the UBC community safe and as per the Campus Rules, daily self-assessments should be completed by all students, faculty, staff, and others before coming to a UBC premises. Learn more by reading the Frequently Asked […]

SRS News – Provincial Health Order Nov 19, 2020

Applying the Province-Wide Restrictions at UBC

External review of Campus Security — take the survey by Nov 22

As part of UBC’s commitment to address systemic bias and build a more inclusive university, we are embarking on an independent external review of Campus Security.

Join UBC’s virtual ShakeOut drill on October 15th

We’re all spending more time at home at the moment, which makes it all the more important to prepare your home for the unexpected. Join UBC's virtual ShakeOut drill on October 15th to get ready!

UBC Dentistry students to receive WorkSafeBC coverage

Team members from SRS recently helped to confirm the application of WorkSafeBC coverage for students providing patient care as part of their studies.