WorkSafeBC Inspection Reports

WorkSafeBC can inspect any UBC site. This section shares, tracks, and archives our official communications with WorkSafeBC. Follow-up corrective actions may be required to address inspection reports.

Inspection Report – Full Incident Report Received by WSBC (Explosion) Chemistry

Full Incident Report Received by WSBC (Explosion) Chemistry

Inspection Report – JOHSC Renewal Process (UBCV Campus)

Joint committee variation renewal

Inspection Report – Preliminary Incident Report Accepted (Explosion) Chemistry

Preliminary investigation report accepted

Inspection Report – Extension Granted (Explosion) Chemistry

Full Investigation report extension granted by WSBC

Inspection Report (Death of a contractor) UBC Boathouse, Richmond BC

WSBC acknowledges that deceased is not a UBC Worker but an independent contractor. However, UBC is requested to conduct preliminary & full investigation