Applied Science


JOHSC – Provost & VP Academic

Areas of Representation

  • Faculty of Applied Science

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Safety & Risk Services Support

Resources Email Phone No.
Teela Narsih  604-822-7052

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JOHSC Members

Worker Reps Work Area Phone No.
Jennifer Pelletier
Co-Chair, AAPS
MECH 604-827-4090
Gary Lockhart
AAPS – Alternate
AMPEL/QMI 604-822-2955
Scott Jackson
CIVIL 604-822-4143
Karl Zimmermann
CUPE 2278
Roza Vaez Ghaemi
CUPE 2278 – Alternate
BME/CHBE 604-827-4210
Samy Larkam
CUPE 116
CHBE 604 822- 3857
Roselyn Yeboah
CUPE 2278 – Alternate
MTRL 604-822-
Heli Eunike
CUPE 116
MTRL 604-822-
Naomi Harder
CUPE 2950
MECH 604-822-3738
Matthew Kutarna
ECE 604 822-8486
Ross Sheppard
AAPS – Alternate
ECE 604-822-6190
Jill Mahy
Faculty Association
NURSING 604 822- 7478
Markus Fengler
Faculty Association
MECH 604-827-5655
Carmen Jensen
Faculty Association – Alternate
MINE 604-822-4642
Shayan Fahimi
GRA – Alternate
Reanna Seifert
Non Union Tech & Research Assistants/Farm Workers
Gable Yeung
Non Union Tech & Research Assistants/Farm Workers – Alternate
Robert Geyer
SALA 604-822-8792
Employer Reps Work Area Phone No.
Marlene Chow
CHBE 604-827-3537
Ailish Statham APSD 604 827-2979
Jody SwiftAlternate APSD 604-822-8801
Resources Work Area Phone No.
Richard Colwell
Safety and Facilities Officer
Faculty of Applied Science 604-822-2273

Group Co-Chair & Representatives Contacts:

Note that these emails send to all members of the group. To contact an individual JOHSC member, use the contacts above.

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Note: Only the minutes from the last 3 meetings are posted. For access to minutes prior, contact the JOHSC co-chairs or recording secretary.

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Monthly Meeting Date, Time & Location

  • Meeting: 2nd Wednesday of each month
  • Time: 9:00am to 10:15am
  • Location: CEME 2202
  • Initial Meeting: 2017-10-04

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Responsible Executive & Reporting Structure

Responsible Executive

  • Provost & VP Academic

Unit Safety Management Team

  • Faculty Safety Management Team

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JOHSC/LST SharePoint Site

  • Log in to your SharePoint site HERE. Note: This is for FOAS JOHSC and LST members only.

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