WorkSafeBC Inspection Reports

WorkSafeBC can inspect any UBC site. This section shares, tracks, and archives our official communications with WorkSafeBC. Follow-up corrective actions may be required to address inspection reports.

Inspection Report – WSBC Accepts Follow up to Order (Facilities@NEST)

WSBC accepts Follow up investigation to possible unsafe conditions (scaffold)

Inspection Report – WSBC Accepts Full Investigation Report (Centre for Comparative Medicine)

WSBC Accepts full Investigation Report re: IR202419279016A (see March 4, 2024)

Inspection Report – WSBC Order Requires Investigation (Facilities@NEST Worksite)

Worker report of possible unsafe condition (scaffold) to WSBC

Inspection Report – WSBC Consultation (Malcolm Knapp Research Forest – Maple Ridge)

WSBC Consultation on Forestry High Risk Strategies

Inspection Report – WSBC Accepts Preliminary Investigation (Centre for Comparative Medicine)

WSBC Accepts Preliminary Investigation Report re IR202419279016A (see March 4, 2024)