WorkSafeBC Inspection Reports

WorkSafeBC can inspect any UBC site. This section shares, tracks, and archives our official communications with WorkSafeBC. Follow-up corrective actions may be required to address inspection reports.

Preliminary & Full Investigation Requested by WSBC (back draft in gasifier) – BioEnergy Research & Demonstration Facility

UBC notifies WorkSafeBC of an incident where a worker was injured using a torch to light wood chips in a gasifier

Preliminary Investigation Report Received by WSBC (Chemical Spill) – Robert Ho Facility @ VGH

This Inspection Report documents the receipt and acceptance of the employer’s preliminary investigation report that relates to an incident which occurred on August 31, 2018. This report meets the requirements of section 175(2) of the Workers Compensation Act.

Full Investigation Report Required by WSBC (slip and fall) – Exterior of Peter Allard Hall

Worker Injury – Full Investigation Required

Preliminary & Full Investigation Required by WSBC (chemical spill) – Robert Ho Research Centre @ VGH

UBC is encouraged to complete this as a joint Accident/Incident Report with Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH)