LST Training


RMS is now offering LST group training sessions!


Any LSTs that have 10 or more members can organize LST training in your area. LSTs will be given the opportunity to provide photos of their area for a site specific training session, or they may select from the 3 general training options (office, workshop and laboratory). Further, the LSTs will be able to choose from one of two models of delivery:


Choice A: Part 2 in person session only. Part 1 will be completed online by each member PRIOR to the Part 2 in-person session (2.5 hours for Part 2)

                Choice B: Part 1 and 2 combined in person session (3.5 hours)


What if you don’t have 10 or more members?

Don’t worry there are more options!

LSTs are more than welcome to join together to do a multi-LST training session. If you know of other LSTs in your area, or under your JOHSC, you are welcome to organize a combined training session in order to meet the minimum attendance requirement.

OR LSTs are welcome to attend one of the drop in sessions that will be offered quarterly to help those unable to attend their LST group training session.


You are also a JOHSC Member, do you need LST training?

Unless your JOHSC has deemed LST training mandatory, whether you take it or not will be up to each individual’s comfort level. Below, you will find an outline of the differences between the JOHSC Part 2 training and the LST Part 2 training to help you decide if the LST training would be of added benefit. The LST training currently has an online component (Part 1 – general overview of LST roles and responsibilities) that needs to be completed prior to, or in conjunction with the practical session, however those who have already taken the JOHSC Fundamentals training will not be required to take Part 1. The Practical session (part 2) is described below.


JOHSC Training LST Training
– a rather high level overview of the Inspections and Investigations so that the JOHSC is aware of the   requirements and expectations

– Do not go into details as to how to use the General Inspection Template

– high level Inspection of a work area from a photo provided by WorkSafeBC

– Discussion about how to do an incident investigation and review of a report


– In depth discussion around effective inspections and setting up an inspection schedule

– Direction on how to use the General Inspection Template

– Hands on inspection through a 360° image of an more relevant workspace using the general inspection template

– instructions on how to enter inspections into SharePoint

– In depth discussion around the LSTs role in an incident investigation

– Participate in a mock incident investigation (assisting the supervisor to complete the investigation)

-Review of how to make additional notes to, and review CAIRS reports.



To take Part 1 online or to register for a drop-in training session, please click HERE.

To request an LST group training session, please click HERE.