JOHSC Resources

Tools and templates to help you run your Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee (JOHSC):

University Health & Safety Policy

Under the Occupational and Research Health and Safety Policy SC1 (formerly Policy #7) UBC aims to eliminate unnecessary risks, injuries, and occupational diseases, from UBC’s workplace, teaching, and research environments. Refer to the full University Safety Policy.

Learn more about the structure of Health and Safety Committees at UBC in the Roles & Responsibilities section.

JOHSC Meeting Materials

The JOHSC Agenda Templates provides a general overview of items to discuss at meetings.

The JOHSC Minutes template provides a consistent approach to documenting discussions that occur during JOHSC meetings.

JOHSC General Inspection & Report Template

The General Inspection & Report Template will assist JOHSCs in carrying out their inspection. This inspection checklist is categorized by areas. The General Inspection & Report Document can be used by:

  1. Downloading & printing the entire General Inspection & Report Template (WORD)
  2. Downloading & printing the General Inspection – Mandatory Sections (WORD) plus any additional sections as they apply to your work areas (see below).

Select the additional sections to download & print based on the area you are inspecting

Corrective Actions: General Inspection Summary Report Extension Page (WORD)

The JOHSC General Inspection & Report is just one of several inspections that occur in the workplace. Workplace Inspections are a proactive means of preventing the development of unsafe conditions in the workplace. There are many different types of inspections which are performed by different groups. For more information see the Workplace Inspections section of the Risk Management Service web page.

JOHSC Recommendations Letter Template

JOHSC Terms of Reference Template

Safety Committee Communication Template

The Safety Committee Communication Template give committees a brief, customizable report outline that can be populated and sent between the LST and JOHSC.

Committee Reference Documents