University Administrative Units


JOHSC – VP Finance & Operations

Areas of Representation

  • All Administrative Areas

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Safety & Risk Services Support

Resource Email Phone No.
Shilan Keshvadi   604-822-1297

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JOHSC Members


Worker Reps Work Area Phone No.
Sarah Henderson
Co-Chair AAPS 
Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies 604-822-6293
Scottford Price
Enrolment Services 604-827-0135
Patrick Wong
Facilities 604-822-1940
Elise Vredenbregt
VP Research & Innovation Office 604-822-0233
Gordie Chow
CUPE 116
Secure Access 604-827-6103
Kim Yung Lee
CUPE 116 – Alternate
Secure Access 604-822-5276
Steve Bohnen
CUPE 116 – Alternate
Campus Security (SRS) 604-787-6998
Chloe Martin-Cabanne
CUPE 2950
Mary Bollert Hall 604-822-1478
Lily Liew
CUPE 2950
Office of Research Services 604-822-8052
Employer Reps Work Area Phone No.
Glynis Knowlden
Employer Rep – Co-chair
Development & Alumni Engagement 604-827-3829
Sandra Blackmore
Employer Rep
Central Human Resources 604-822-1889
Grant Miller
Employer Rep
Campus & Community Planning 604-822-6991
Ingeborg Brown
Employer Rep
Financial Operations 604-822-4099
Glen MacNeil
Employer Rep
Campus Security 604-822- 9315
Steven Lee
Facilities Planning 604-822-1862

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Note: Only the minutes from the last 3 meetings are posted. For access to minutes prior, contact the JOHSC co-chairs or recording secretary

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Monthly Meeting Date, Time & Location

  • Initial Meeting:
  • Regular Meeting: 4nd Tuesday of each month 9:00am to 10:00am
  • Location: Virtual via Zoom

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Responsible Executive & Reporting Structure

Responsible Executive

  • VP Finance & Operations

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JOHSC/LST SharePoint Site

  • Log in to your SharePoint site HERE. Note: This is for UADM JOHSC and LST members only.

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