JOHSC – Provost & VP Academic

Areas of Representation

  • Faculty of Science

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Safety & Risk Services Support

Resource Email Phone No.
Richard Wambolt 604-827-4752

JOHSC Members

Worker Reps Work Area Phone No.
Monica Clarkson
Co-Chair, M&P
Chemistry  604-827-5126
Kate Blackburn
CUPE 2950
Dean’s Office 604-822-3336
Karen Reid
Michael Smith Laboratories 604-827-3095
Harry Brumer
Faculty Association
Michael Smith Laboratories 604-827-3738
Vivan Leung
Computer Sciences 604-822-6686
Mladen Bumbulovic
Physics 604-822-6663
Theresa Lee
Math 604-822-2128
Sebastian Medrano
Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences N/A
Christopher Stinson
CUPE 116
Beaty Biodiversity Museum 604-822-4665
Brendan Fisher
CUPE 116
UBC Botanical Garden N/A
Urmi Mody
CUPE 2278
Chemistry N/A
Tammy Tromba
CUPE 2950
Zoology 604 822-4260
Anna Rodgers
CUPE 2950
Science Co-op Programs N/A
Brett Couch
Faculty Association
Botany 604-822-9650
John Nomellini
Microbiology N/A
Employer Reps Work Area Phone No.
Glenn Sammis
Chemistry 604-827-4080
Ray McNichol Dean’s Office 604-822-9868
Amber Stefanson Earth, Ocean &
Atmospheric Sciences
Laura Lockyer-Cotter Vice-President, Academic’s Office N/A

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Note: Only the minutes from the last 3 meetings are posted. For access to minutes prior, contact the JOHSC co-chairs or recording secretary.

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Monthly Meeting Date, Time & Location

  • Meeting: 2nd Thursday of each month
  • Time: 11:30am to 12:30pm
  • Location: Virtual Zoom Meeting
  • Initial Meeting: 2017-11-28

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Responsible Executive & Reporting Structure

Responsible Executive

  • Provost & VP Academic

Unit Safety Management Team

  • Faculty Safety Management Team

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JOHSC/LST SharePoint Site

  • Log in to your SharePoint site HERE. Note: This is for FOS JOHSC and LST members only.

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