WorkSafeBC Inspection Reports

WorkSafeBC can inspect any UBC site. This section shares, tracks, and archives our official communications with WorkSafeBC. Follow-up corrective actions may be required to address inspection reports.

Incident Report – WSBC Sustained Compliance Initiative – Field Work Review

WSBC conducted a follow up inspection (as part of their Sustained Compliance Initiative) regarding an off-site incident involving workers in June 2018. UBC’s field work risk assessment and approval process were reviewed. In addition, WSBC reiterated that work at or near shorelines requires workers to wear a personal flotation device (pfd) or lifejacket with sufficient buoyancy to keep the worker’s head above water. No further action required.

Incident Report – Incident Report Accepted by WSBC (Pulp & Paper)

Incident report received and accepted by WSBC regarding incident where a degassing unit was being used and the lid fell off hitting the person in the face.

Incident Report – Preliminary Incident Accident Report Received and Accepted by WSBC (Centre for Comparative Medicine)

Preliminary incident accident report received and accepted by WSBC

Incident Report – Incident Accident Report Required by WSBC (Centre for Comparative Medicine)

Person bumped head on beam while performing a research based procedure

Incident Report – Incident Accident Report Required by WSBC (Pulp & Paper)

A person was using a degassing unit. The lid from the unit fell off and hit the equipment causing it to become a projectile and hit the person in the face and was taken to hospital for treatment. It was determined that the injured person was a student (non-worker), however, a worker was present at the time of the incident and as such an investigation is required.