WorkSafeBC Inspection Reports

WorkSafeBC can inspect any UBC site. This section shares, tracks, and archives our official communications with WorkSafeBC. Follow-up corrective actions may be required to address inspection reports.

Incident Report – Full Incident Report Accepted by WSBC (Malcolm Knapp Research Forest – Maple Ridge)

Incident report received and accepted by WSBC regarding incident related to a near miss from tree falling that is the responsibility of the Prime Contractor working on the UBC owed site

Incident Report: Full Incident Report Accepted by WSBC (Jack Bell Research – Oak Street, Vancouver)

WSBC Acceptance of Employers Full Incident Investigation report relating to a glove snapping on finger causing blood vessel injury.

Inspection Report – Forestry High Risk Strategy (Malcolm Knapp Research Forest, Maple Ridge)

Forestry High Risk Strategy Information provided by WorkSafeBC