Building Operations: Municipal Services


JOHSC – VP Finance & Operations

Areas of Representation

  • Fleet & Inventory
  • Labour Division
  • Soft Landscape
  • Waste Management

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Safety & Risk Services Support

Resources Email Phone No.
Lori Takenaka 604 822-6732

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JOHSC Members

Worker Reps Work Area Phone No.
Andy Russell
Co-Chair CUPE 116
Garage 604-822-9822
Dillon Duckworth
CUPE 116- Alternate
Garage 604-822-9822
Adriano Pucci Soft Landscape 604-822-9483
Brendan Elder
CUPE 116- Alternate
Soft Landscape 604-822-9483
Pravin Kumar
CUPE 116
Stores 604-822-5272
Joyce Ingram
Stores 604 822-5272
Sandy Hutchinson
CUPE 116
Street & Operations Support 604-822-9829
Issac Poku
CUPE 116
Waste Management 604-822-9619
Martin Go
CUPE 116 – Alternate
Waste Management 604-822-9619
Employer Reps Work Area Phone No.
Dale Low
Manager, Municipal Soft Landscape 604-822-0439
Tamas Weidner Manager, Municipal Waste Mgt & Garage 604-822-4676
Calvin Cheung Manager, Municipal, Labor Division 604-970-7537
Wende Kitch
 Senior Manager, Fleet and Procurement 604-822-0992
Paul Harris Manager, Stores 604-827-3589
Jenniffer Sheel
Superintendent, Municipal Services 604-827-2105

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Note: Only the minutes from the last 3 meetings are posted. For access to minutes prior, contact the JOHSC co-chairs or recording secretary.


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Monthly Meeting Date, Time & Location

  • Meeting: 2nd Wednesday of each month
  • Time: 12:30pm to 3:00pm
  • Location: University Services Building Rm 1020 (Main Conference Room)
  • Initial Meeting: 2017-04-20

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Responsible Executive & Reporting Structure

Responsible Executive

  • VP Finance & Operations

Unit Safety Management Team

  • Managing Director Building Operations & Senior Leadership Team
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JOHSC/LST SharePoint Site

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